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Conservative Smile Restoration

As much as we all try to prevent them, dental problems can happen to anyone. In particular, children can be susceptible because they’re still learning how to properly clean their teeth and gums at home. If your son or daughter is experiencing a badly damaged or pained tooth, please reach out to Dr. Leslie Buckley and her Spring Hill team right away to schedule quality restorative attention. We rebuild smiles in ways that both feel great and look natural, helping them maintain their blossoming self-confidence in the process. Please contact our Mobile, AL practice today to schedule an appointment.

Conservative Restorations

As a practice focused on preventive dentistry, our office strives to provide restorative services in the earliest possible stages of decay or damage. This allows us to provide conservative treatment options that preserve the largest amount of natural dental structure to keep your child’s smile healthy. Conservative treatments are essential to ensure a lifetime of healthy, natural smiles, and early diagnosis is what makes conservative treatment possible. Consistently bringing children to our office twice a year establishes a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Space Maintenance

Primary teeth all fall out in order to make room for permanent teeth below, but in some cases, baby teeth are lost too soon making it possible for remaining teeth to shift blocking the space available for the developing permanent tooth below. When this happens, a space maintainer preserves the position for developing dental structures to erupt. There are many types of space maintainers, but they all serve the same purpose – placing an item in the empty socket to maintain space for developing teeth below. Both fixed and removable options are available.